Monday, September 11, 2017

Tomorrow Mattress Review

Hi you guys!!

          We're currently redecorating our master bedroom and we decided we wanted to get a new mattress as well since we weren't really happy with the one we had. So when Tomorrow sleep mattress agreed to send us one in exchange for a review we thought why not?

          We have had our new mattress so far for three nights and so I wanted to give you guys a little review of what we thought about it so far. And then in the coming few weeks I'll include another review and share some updated master bedroom pictures as well.

       The hybrid mattress comes in a box wrapped tightly and they include a cute little cutter to open it. As soon as you cut into the plastic the mattress starts expanding. You'll want to open it over your box springs so you don't have to move it after. We went with the Medium Soft in the King size.

      This review is going to be completely honest and the opinion of myself and my husbands. The first morning after waking up my back hurt, my hubby said to give it a few nights to let my back adjust to the new bed. I was so skeptical and thought he was crazy. Morning two after I woke up I didn't have any back pain and we both slept great! Night three we both slept great again like deep sleep great and I didn't have any back pain. So hopefully the first night my hubby was right and it was just a fluke! I'll keep you guys updated and if you have any questions feel free to reach out.

     If your shopping for a new mattress and want to give TOMORROW memory foam hybrid mattress a try you can use the code 'BLUSHING100' for $100 off any $500 order! Expires 12/31/17


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