Tuesday, November 15, 2016

I'm A Barbie Girl

For Joslyn's Birthday this year we decided to get her a ride on car. After searching all over the internet we found the fisher-price Cadillac Escalade and fell in love. We read through all of the reviews and were sold.

Joslyn and Hudson both ask everyday after breakfast if they can go drive the Barbie car. They are completely obsessed. I like that there are two different speeds so if Hudson is driving they can go a little slower and we can bump it up when its big sisters turn. Also, as if it wasn't cool enough the car also had a radio! How cool is that?! There is also a compartment in the back to hold toys for your littles road trip or if your Blakely, your snacks! Girlfriends got the right idea... We purchased ours through Walmart here

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