Thursday, January 19, 2017

Shot through the heart Brownies

Hey guys! It's been a minute okay more like a month... But it gets crazy with three littles and life in general. Now that the holiday season is over I'm hoping to put more time into this little blog.

Occassionally I get the itch to bake. It's something I've always enjoyed doing even when I was a little girl. Im so glad my oldest daughter likes being in the kitchen as well and we get to bond over lickin' the spoons and just being silly together. I showed Joslyn some cute things I found on Pinterest and she picked out these "Shot through the heart brownies" that are super cute and easy to make. Here's our little version or if you'd like to check out the pinterest source you can here


Favorite brownie box
Pink or Red Frosting tube
Tooth Picks
Heart Shaped Candy/Marshmellow's


Make Brownies (lay foil into 13x9 pan and spray with butter to allow for easy heart shape cutter)
Let cool completely
Cut brownies into heart shapes
Decorate with frosting
Sprinkle immediately after you frost so they stick
Toothpick top left and bottom right of brownie and add heart shape candies!
Thats it! Super super easy friends! And totally kid friendly. Hope you enjoy.

And don't forget to let the littles mix, decorate and most importantly lick the spoons!


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