Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Valentine's Party

Valentines is by far my favorite holiday. I just love seeing all the pink and reds placed subtely around the house, it really does feel like love is in the air! One of the newer traditions I started for my littles is throwing them a Valentines lunch. 

This week one of their favorite movies came out so I decided to plan their lunch around the movie release to make it extra special for them.

For lunch they had a heart shaped sandwich, yogurt with sprinkles, teddy grahams, some festive popcorn, and mini cupcakes. So basically, my kids had sugar! 

For the teddy grahams I just got a straw and dipped it in frosting to stick the hearts to the bears. Super cute, easy and the kids loved it!

For the popcorn, I melted white chocolate and drizzled it all over the popcorn and then added some cute heart sprinkles.

I bought their favorite yogurt and then just sprinkled it as well.. Sprinkles are a game changer I tell ya!

I set up a small craft after they finished eating as well. I found these super cute stickers that the kids got to color themselves which ended up being Joslyn's favorite. I also put out glitter poms, glitter stickers with glue sticks with construction paper.

Seeing how excited they get over the littlest things makes my mama heart so happy and all the extra effort so worth it!


  1. Oh wow this Valentine’s Day party seems great. I am very impressed with the decorations. Thanks for these ideas. We also would be celebrating our first anniversary and I want to host a DIY bash at some outdoor LA venues. If you have outdoor anniversary bash inspirations, please let me know.